Chef Hemant Mathur, the force behind New York City’s top Indian restaurants including Tamarind, Devi, Tulsi, SAAR, and more, has launched his newest venture with Maska in Miami’s Midtown neighborhood – his first restaurant venture in Miami. Chef Mathur is one of the nation’s top Tandoor masters and the first Indian chef in the U.S. to be awarded a Michelin-Star. He has truly laid the groundwork for the culinary genre to become as respected and adored internationally as it is today. A virtuoso whose instrument is the traditional Indian clay oven, Chef Mathur has earned numerous accolades and esteemed recognition over his 30-year career.

Maska, in association with Michelin-Star award-winning Chef Hemant Mathur, boasts a modern-chic vibe featuring a culinary representation of traditional and progressive In-dian cuisine infused with touches of Miami flavors.

The restaurant highlights vibrant cui-sine built on bold flavors inspired by Chef Hemant Mathur’s home state of Jaipur which brings an unparalleled combination of distinctive offerings that have earned Chef an elite standing and name recognition.